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Sometimes, if I am not too lazy, I will take my camera along on my runs and try to document many of the Colorado Springs Trails. I haven't decided the best format for presenting these photos yet but I am putting them out here in a simple format until I have time to think through a better design.

I have tried to document some of the trails that I have explored and run on and capture the information in photos. If you go to a Photo Album, be aware that the back option will return you to the Trail Links page. This is hard coded into the album. Most of the photos are of the trail at various points long the course. I have done some photos of scenic elements also but the purpose so far is to document the trails.

Photo Links to Trails

Blodgett AFA Trails
Blodgett Open Space Trails
Cheyenne Mountain State Park Trails
Falcon Trail AFA
Greenland Open Space - Kips Loop
Rampart Reservoir
Red Rock Canyon
Waldo Canyon

Photo Links to Races

Freestate Trail Marathon
Psycho Wyco Trail Race
Wild West Relay